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EPC Solar is your local partner in renewables and industry leaders in the Australian market. With over 50 years of collective experience across all aspects of ‘Engineering‘, ‘Procurement’ and ‘Construction’ (EPC) of renewables projects, our company brings to bear a wealth of technical expertise, quality in delivery and ongoing operations capability, unlike any in the market.

Our company brings to bear a wealth of technical expertise, delivery quality and operations capability unlike any in the market. With the latest solar technology, and accessories, zero upfront interest solutions and Australia-wide coverage, you’ll have comfort knowing your working with one of Australia’s best Commercial and Industrial solar companies.

SMA Data Manager — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
SMA Data Manager — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
EPC Solar has always been at the forefront of sustainable energy and solar power in Australia. We believe that commercial solar is about helping the environment and doing it in a way that makes good business and financial sense. Our large-scale solar solutions deliver outstanding returns on investment.

Whether a solar installation is set up on rooftops at industrial buildings, sports clubs, movie theatres, office buildings, shopping malls or in carparks, they are sustainable, long lasting, easy to maintain and affordable. Allow us to help you manage rising energy costs, gain a leg up over the competition and reduce your reliance on the electricity grid.

Our specialties include commercial solar, commercial LED solutions, battery storage solutions, solar farms, microgrids and more. If you have specific inquiries, we encourage you to contact us.
EPC Solar has a long history of assisting commercial and industrial clients in every industry with their solar needs. Whether you are interested in our state of the art solar panel installation, solar carpark solutions or battery storage, we encourage you to get in touch at your earliest convenience.

Our specialists offer a free in-depth feasibility study outlining full cost-benefit analysis to help you make the best decision in the interests of your business.
Some clients may face restrictions when it comes to rooftop solar however may be overlooking valuable land space that is your carpark. A solar carpark not only will deliver on your solar energy needs it will also provide shelter from the elements, improve customer experiences, adding further value to the property.

Our solar carparks combine the benefits of solar power with a sleek, aesthetically attractive design that is sure to wow clients and customers that stop by your location.

EPC Solar specialise in the design and delivery of solar farm solutions. We provide financial and technical feasibility, design expertise, owner’s engineer and independent engineer services, project and construction management, engineering, procurement & construction, operations, maintenance and due diligence assessments.

We have the services and technical product innovation that is necessary for the successful setup and running of a solar farm in Australia and other parts of the world.

EPC Solar partners with trusted manufacturers of solar panels, inverters, battery storage, monitoring and metering equipment. Every installation is unique, and EPC Solar will design a quality solar system to meet your energy needs whilst being exceptionally robust to withstand the Australian climate.

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At EPC Solar, we design and install micro grids that allow you to disconnect from the main power grid and function autonomously. This allows you to cut down on energy costs, minimise environmental impact and have backup power in case of emergencies. Working with leading mechanical, electrical and civil contractors across the country, our team will create a micro grid that is tailored to the needs of your commercial or residential building.