Building Commercial Solar Solutions in Australia


EPC Solar is the most reputable and capable provider of commercial solar installations and related products and services. Our solar solutions can help businesses and industrial clients in many of ways.
Solar Panel — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
Aerial view of a solar panel — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT

Save Energy

Most businesses in Australia are aware that solar energy is a way to reduce overall energy costs. Even if a business is only relying on solar energy during daylight periods, it will have a profound impact to their energy usage.
Given many of our clients open their businesses primarily during day-time hours, having solar panels set up to feed energy into their store, restaurant, auto repairs, manufacturing or similar location can have a remarkable impact on their annual expenses.

Competitive Advantage

Solar panels also offer a competitive advantage over other businesses, both from a financial standpoint and in how a company is perceived. The culture in Australia is shifting regarding environmentalism and green energy. EPC Solar will assist your business in achieving sustainability goals and install in house displays on the solar installation deliverables.

Reduce Operational Risk

Many businesses were concerned about going solar in the past as they were worried about the reliability of solar energy. However, solar panels have come a long way in the past 20 years. Not only are they more affordable, technology has improved, along with warranty offerings. Solar installations require minimal maintenance over time and flawlessly integrate with your existing energy systems.

Reduce Emissions

Solar energy is not only about saving money in the long term. It concerns the fact that our current use of non-renewable energy is not sustainable. These energy sources will run out over time, unlike solar energy. Meanwhile, they are causing severe problems to the environment due to the emissions they produce.

Whether you are running a factory, shopping centre, movie theatre, medical centre, college or school, leveraging solar energy can help you reduce emissions, lower costs and maintain the same energy use as before.


Commercial Solar

EPC Solar offers the following commercial solar services in Australia:
  • energy consumption analysis
  • cost-benefit and risk analysis
  • business case development
  • financial analysis
  • financial solutions
  • community solar garden projects
  • energy storage solutions
  • demand management
  • controls and smart meters
  • installation and maintenance

Energy Storage

Companies can combine solar with storage to enjoy greater flexibility and resilience.
Our solar energy services include:
  • energy consumption analysis
  • cost-benefit and risk analysis
  • storage payback analysis
  • business case development
  • financing and grants
  • utility negotiation
  • retailer negotiation
  • installation and maintenance

LED Replacement

We also provide LED replacement services to deliver fast payback and improved energy efficiency. These include:
  • analysis of lighting energy profile
  • cost-benefit analysis
  • business case development
  • financing
  • installation and maintenance


A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously. Our microgrid services include:
  • feasibility analysis and simulation
  • cost-benefit and risk analysis
  • business case development
  • financing and grants
  • community consultation
  • regulatory advice
  • technical & software solutions
  • installation and maintenance
Consult with EPC Solar for state of the art and financially feasible commercial solar services Australia-wide today.