Commercial Solar Financing in Australia


At EPC Solar we are aware that installation costs can be prohibitive for many companies considering investing in solar energy over the next few years. Despite the decline of solar panel prices over the last decade, many smaller businesses and organisations may not have the budget to afford an upfront payment on a high-quality solar panel system and related installation services.
There are three primary options available if you are considering investing in solar panels, solar carpark, solar farms or related products and services. These options include an upfront purchase, taking out a loan or signing a PPA. We will go through these options in their entirety below:
Commercial, industrial and municipal clients who have the funds for an upfront purchase will believe it is the best option for procuring our products and services. An upfront purchase has the advantage of being a one-time transaction, where you fully own the solar panels and related products that are set up on your property.
1. Upfront Purchase
The other advantages of an upfront purchase of solar panels and services include:
  • Capital expenditure
  • Asset ownership
  • Derive full financial benefit
  • Strong solar ROI's
  • Renewable incentives
  • Depreciation & allowances
  • Product liability
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2. Taking Out a Loan
EPC Solar is mindful of the financial circumstances of many clients who wish to leverage solar power in the coming years. We offer a beneficial loan structure that will spread out the costs of investing in such a system. In most cases, this will provide a cash flow positive solution to the client.

Many clients find that when they invest in solar panels through loans, their monthly loan payments end up being less than the money they save on energy bills each month following the installation.
Our solar loans include the following perks:
  • $0 upfront payment
  • Cheaper energy cost
  • Cash flow positive
  • Low interest rates
We partner with Verdia (Westpac) and ANZ to handle financing for commercial and industrial clients who would like to invest in our solar products and services.

Verdia manages Westpac’s Energy Efficient Finance Program which is supported by $200 million of funding from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The agreement allows Westpac to offer finance at lower interest rates, click this PDF for more.

3. PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
How PPA's work:

The PPA provider constructs maintains, owns and operates the solar system on your organisation's roof. They then sell you the electricity generated rather than selling the system itself. Such an agreement means you only pay for the energy produced, and at a lower price than power from the grid.

You receive the following benefits if you sign a PPA to procure solar products and services:
  • $0 upfront payment
  • Secure lower energy rate
  • Hedge against future price rise
  • Payment linked to production
  • Zero product liability
4. Embedded Network Partner (Body Corporate)
  • Facilitate the on-selling of gas, electricity, water or telecommunications to tenants within a multi-dwelling premise.
  • Self-contained network that is owned and managed by the owners or management of the premise