Past Projects Australian Commercial Solar

Past Projects

EPC Solar is one of the fastest growing and most reputable commercial and industrial solar energy provider in Australia.

Our work includes setting up solar panels and related systems, installing solar carparks and selling solar products to help ensure these systems run effectively and efficiently.
We have worked with Australian businesses in the following industries:

* Retirement Villages
* Shopping Centres
*Automotive Industry
* Government
* Defence
* Education
* Agricultural
* Sporting Clubs
* Clubs & Hotels
* Indigenous Communities
* Off Grid / Remote
* High Security
EPC Solar has a long-standing reputation for assisting educational facilities in Australia with their solar power needs. Through the installation of solar panels, solar carparks and other products, we have assisted countless schools and colleges with energy savings and the promotion of sustainable energy use.
Our education projects include:
Canberra Institute — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
Canberra Institute of Technology, 100kW
CIT Fyshwick installed a 100kW PV solar system comprised of 256 x 390w Sunpower panels and Solar Edge inverters.

The system is completely optimised and is the first of a large roll-out for CIT Canberra.

Our solar installations at health and government facilities help promote the use of renewable energy while cutting long term energy costs for the organisations that request our assistance.
EPC Solar health and government projects include:
National Archives — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
National Archives Preservation Facility, 420 kW
The new National Archives Preservation Facility in Canberra provides over 110 shelf kilometres in a state of the art facility, designed to keep the Australian nation's memory alive for future generations.

EPC Solar ensured the long-term sustainability and energy resilience of the building by delivering a 420 kW rooftop solar installation configured to maximise system life and return on investment. We performed detailed design, approval, construction and commissioning services.
ACT Law Courts — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
ACT Law Courts, 100 kW
Sunpower originally engaged EPC Solar to supply and construct a 100kW PV solar system on the new building, comprised of 305 x 327W Sunpower panels.

The system is coupled with ADB inverters and is integrated with the Law Courts BMS. The system will annually produce 158MWh of power.
British High Commission — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
British High Commission, 60 kW
This 60 kW rooftop installation may be the most productive solar array on British soil.

The project was delivered for the British High Commission with a tight delivery schedule. The design, QA processes and equipment delivery were worked through within a week and the installation was completed in under two weeks despite rain and security requirements.

EPC Solar has partnered with hotel chains, resorts, hospitality businesses, retirement centres and similar facilities to ensure they are fully reliant on solar energy for their power needs. These projects include:
Goodwin Village Ainslie — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
Goodwin Village Ainslie, 477kW
Goodwin Village Ainslie encased EPC solar to install a 477kW solar system. The system is consists of 1,423 x 335W Trina DUOMAX panels and SMA inverters.

The system will reduce Goodwin Villages net energy consumption by 39% and save $183,000 per year.

Our relationships with Australian businesses have never been stronger as we assist them in transitioning from traditional to solar energy use on a large scale. These projects include:
Aquatots — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
Aquatots, 100 kW
This 100 kW rooftop installation was designed to meet Aquatots strong environmental targets while saving a significant proportion of energy bills.

The panel orientation is designed to produce more useful power for a greater proportion of the day, providing a better cost-benefit outcome for the client.
Amala Retirement Village — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
Amala Retirement Village, 100kW
Amala aged care facility, engaged EPC Solar through Richard Crookes Construction, to install a 100kW PV Solar System using 384 x 260W Trina Honey panels and 4 x 25kW SMA inverters.

The system will annually produce approx — 313mwh of power.
IGA — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
IGA - Ainslie 78 kW & Yarralumla 74 kW
Boasting a peak system generation capacity of 78 kW, the Ainslie IGA solar installation is projected to generate about 122 MWh of electricity every year.

The arrangement of panels ensures steady generation throughout the day and importantly does not interfere with the operation of pre-existing vents and fan systems on the roof.
Capital Tower — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
Capital Tower, 60kW
Upon completion, Capital Tower was Canberra’s tallest building. The 21 storey facility now has 180 x 345kW Trina DUOMAX panels placed on the roof to provide power to the substantial mechanical and house base load.

Power conversion is by ADB, with the system producing a Return On Investment of 15% over 25 years.
McDonalds Restaurant — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
McDonalds Restaurants
McDonalds Condor engaged EPC Solar to supply and install PV solar systems in 3 facilities across the Canberra region.

All systems consist of Trina Honey panels and SMA inverters, with an average system size of 30kW.

EPC Solar is committed to working with transport and logistics businesses to produce the kinds of solar installations they require to maintain and improve on their operations.
These projects include: