National Solar Carpark Solutions

Solar Carpark

Make the most out of your car space by installing the Ecoport solar carpark system.

i. Provide shelter for customers
ii. Integrate EV charging stations
iii. Create solar energy


High wind regions demand a new standard in solar carpark design to produce a modern, architecturally pleasing structure. With that in mind, Linked Energy created the EcoPort as a car park solution that provides both shelter and solar power generation.

The time-proven cantilever design of the EcoPort can house three vehicles per column and up to 9kW of PV in its basic form. The EcoPort may also be expanded infinitely to house as many vehicles or solar panels as required. It can be formatted in a three or four-module configuration.

Adjustable configurations and tilt mean the EcoPort can be installed in various locations - allowing for optimal solar harvest.

EcoPort meets the rugged requirements of wind region C classification, allowing installation in cyclone areas. For ground mounts, we have chosen time proven rag bolts. They are easily installed using our template, with builders and concreters familiar with this technique. Cost effective multiple rag bolts can be installed to a project long before the final installation of the Eco-Port.

The structure is hot-dipped galvanised or it may be painted with your corporate colours and logos. Optional lightboxes allow for advertising, enhanced safety and security at night.
Solar Carport Solution
Solar Carpark Roofing — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT
Solar Carpark — Solar Energy in Belconnen, ACT


Industry people will understand the time-consuming task of installing solar panels using rails, brackets, clamps and fixing it all to the structure. That's why Linked Energy introduced EcoRail - a creative new method of mounting solar panels.

The EcoRail is an extruded moulding, designed to match the profile of all framed solar panels. It's possible for the EcoRail to be mounted to any structure and spaced to allow standard solar panels to be simply slid into position. The solar modules are held in position by a bracket, fixed either side at the ends of the rail - No clamps, no screw, no fuss. This innovative mounting system is time-saving, uses fewer components, is weatherproof and maintains the wind region C classification.

The enhanced Eco-Rail mounting is price competitive, time-saving and provides a simplified weatherproof professional finish to your installation.

So, if you are considering solar power and require shaded car parking, then please contact us at Linked Energy. We can work together to provide a cost-effective, aesthetically attractive solution to your car parking requirements.
Aside from its superb functionality the EcoRail also has a streamlined, six-step installation process:

  1. Install the EcoRail
  2. Install the Bracket
  3. Insert the Panel
  4. Push the Panel Down
  5. Slide the Panel in Place
  6. Attach End Bracket

Now you have a fully functioning EcoRail!

Optional Extras

The EcoPort is expandable with options - including electric vehicle charging stations, light boxes, corporate colours and logos for advertising. This allows future proofing and customisation of your installation.

Like to see how easy it is to construct a Linked Energy EcoPort for your commercial premises? Watch the video of the build at the North Queensland Cowboy's Townsville clubhouse.

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